Albert Lagos Muñumel

Albert Lagos Muñumel was born in Barcelona, on 19th, December, 1982. Ever since a little boy he was dreaming about being a magician but during a show, he went up on the stage to chain the magician and he saw the visual trick. Maybe that's the reason for which he later on started to become interested in visual tricks and the cinema industry. In his nineteens he studied broadcasting, production and screenwriting for both TV and Radio. Afterwards he continued to study direction and cinematographic techniques and made several short films, among which I Have a Story (2011) stands out and which participated in various festivals and has been awarded by the International Amnesty. He also colaborated in several short films Costuras (2007) and Garra Charrúa (2012), and with students coming from other schools (ESCAC, CECC). He produced and directed different varied promotional videos for the world of Valetudo fights, or MMA; advertising for Fight4Life, Steel, Almogavers and many others. He colaborated in several films as producer's assistant such as Salvador (Puig Antich) in (2006) or Barcelona la Rosa de Foc (2014). He's currently working as a producer, film director, creative director and scriptwriter with the Hoymojo film production company and also colaborates with other film production companies.