Lola Funes

Lola Funes, born on 26th February, 1985. In 2005 she takes courses in make-up, theatrical and special creature design, stylist and animatronics assistant. She started up working in short films, independent theatre and fashion. In 2008 she signs up with Magenta Productions, an independent film production company, where she's made Chief of Make up artist and hairdresser departments and where she gets to shoot a 3D film among other several projects. Later on she carries on working in videoclips, a webseries for Priosanchez Productions and Albert Lagos Muñumel's award-winning short film I Have a Story, (award granted by the International Amnesty), where she had the opportunity to be in charge not only of the FX makeup but also the haidresser department. In 2013 she works with Oliver Stone in advertising and immediately steps up to “services”, where she also works in various advertising spots.