Nelu Teleptean

Director de Vestuario Head of Costume Designer and wardrobe superviser. Born in Romania in 1969. He studied tailoring and custom-tailoring in Romania in the "Cooperativa Sigetiana" (between 1987 – 1988). In 1988 he was granted the authorization for working with fabric and leather products in Sighetu Marmatiei, working as a tailor within the company for three years. Between 1993 and 1998 he started and ran his own custom-tailoring business and the brand's name was "TELECONF". A year later he went to Spain and worked for Eusebio Rojas in Gran Via of Madrid as a custom-fitted clothing manufacturer. Since 2004 he's been working in the "Feeling Reus" clothes shop in Reus, as a pattern-designing and manufacturing of high-fashion outfits tailor. From 2006 up to present, he's also been personal tailor to Pierre Koukjian. He's been manufacturing fancy suits and dresses for all types of events and for a distinguished clientele for over more than 26 years now, turning his custom-fitted clothing manufacturing into an art, personalized for each and every customer. Working with a wide range of materials and fabric, he never has enough, constantly trying to improve his skills and looking for perfection in every one of his creations.